D&D Campaign: Ruins of Erden

Cataclysm, apocalypse, calamity… words on a page. Few remain who know their true meaning. Few have seen continents torn asunder, seas rise like mountains, the sky rain fire and the nations of Erden cry in anguish. Equally few remain who remember the moon and the fateful day which struck it from the sky. The Order will tell you that it was Rune’s wrath with the sinful people of Erden. Others will tell you that mages’ greed for power and knowledge outstretched their wisdom. Much has been lost and even more was never known of the world.

Bastion is your home and the only home you have ever known. It is a magical fortress-city, created by the dwarves and mages of old and has seemingly stood forever. Bastion has delivered the races of Erden from certain death. Few venture beyond its walls, and little is known of the world beyond. Food shortages and overcrowding afflict Bastion on an unprecedented scale and three of the 6 sister cities have not been heard from in 5 years. A religious order of paladins, known as the Order of Rune (worshipers of the sun-god, Rune) have instituted martial law. The Order has begun to conscript the people of Bastion to venture out beyond the walls to seek lost knowledge and see what has taken hold of the world in their absence. Few are returning, but those who do bring back stories of mighty beasts, glorious ruins and adventure. This morning, you received the news that your name has been called and you’re to join the next expedition.

Is this a form of population control? What caused the cataclysm? What has happened to the other cities? Will you save the people of Bastion from starvation? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z…

When and where do we begin?

I want to kick things off with a night of board games, pizza and hangout this Saturday (6/14). We’ll meet at 227 Hartford Rd. Mount Laurel, NJ and build characters, play some classic board games and get to know each other. We’ll start the campaign at the Hartford Rd address and later move it to Hatboro, PA (a block from the regional rail station) in July. Which day we’re playing will be based on group consensus. If you can’t make 6/14, please let me know and we’ll work something out.

I’ll also reveal more of the plot and take input from you as to what you’re most interested in. Are you seekers of adventure and dungeons beyond the walls of Bastion? Do you want to know more about the cataclysm? Are you intrigued by the Order of Rune and what role they play in the story? We’re starting with a blank canvas.

Also, don’t be afraid to tell me if you hate the back-story 🙂 . I’m doing this to have fun with you guys!

What version of D&D are we using?

For our purposes, I’m planning to use a modified version of D&D 4. However, I’m open to using 3/3.5 mechanics if someone can provide me with the books.

What to bring?

  • Polyhedral dice set. If you don’t have this, I can provide a few loaner sets. However, I recommend ordering a set or getting one from a comic-book store. It shouldn’t be more than $8 for a full set: http://amzn.com/B0015IUACO
  • Pencil & paper.
  • A figurine or token to represent yourself on the game-board.
  • Some money for pizza.
  • BYOB.