Steam WordPress Plugin / Widget

Today I completed my very first WordPress Plugin to display a user’s Steam Gameplay Stats. To those unfamiliar with Steam, steam is a windows community application for video gaming. It allows users to store and purchase titles from many different publishers online and also offers an excellent community element to chat, browse the web and compare stats with friends. More information is available here: Steam is likely the future of pc gaming as it allows a much more secure and economical publishing method for many game studios.

I’ll likely be posting the widget for free distribution on WordPress’s site soon. I’m in the process of making the widget more accessible to normal users as it currently requires the manual input of a user’s steam account URL into a text file.

Update: I’ve release version 1.01 of my Steam Community Gamestats Widget. I’ve been sick recently and had a lot of time to revise the code and better adapt it to WordPress’ ¬†Widget Class implemented in WordPress 2.8.

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