If you’ve stumbled upon this site, it’s quite likely that you’re either a close friend or professional acquaintance. In either case, I assuredly welcome you and hope that you find this site to be of some use. As one may likely guess, my name is Nicholas Pier. I dabble in nearly all things technical whether it’s web-design, programming, live or recording audio, DJing or my true passion for networking and computer repair. I’m quite a curious individual and if I had to describe myself, it would be as auto-didactic. Please refer to my professional resume for more information.

The following is my personal contact information. Please be respectful and do not abuse it.

Phone: (717) 495 – 4539
E-mail: nicholaspier@nicholaspier.com
Address: 1097 Druck Valley Rd.  York, PA 17406
Facebook: link

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